In this project we work inspired by the work of the Uruguayan poet Juana de América. From his centennial book "Diamond languages", 1919, we chose the poem "The Sweet Miracle".


The poet creates a dynamic, feminine, warm and visceral enchanted world. This poem challenged our understanding of the past and the role of women under the lens of society in the face of the strong and revolutionary posture of the writer; but our main challenge was the translation of words and rhymes into forms.

We capture the atmosphere and reflect the realities of the poem through a series of objects that guide visitors through the stages of the poem, including vases and containers with growing flowers that refer to love and a mirror to symbolize the reflection of the reality and the look of others. The series will culminate with a seat, which represents the end of the poem, which reaches a moment of contemplation and tranquility. Claro will work in ceramics, natural fibers and glass to create the pieces.

Photo credits: Marcos Villalba

Año: 2019



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